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Imagine …… A Music Festival without mud. Where …….


People open gates for you, say "excuse me" and move aside to let you to the bar.


The tantalising aromas of great food mix with the nostalgic smell of steam from the resident railway, conjuring up memories of a bygone industrial age.


Both young and old come to share new music experiences, together.


The sound of live music is everywhere whilst you wander through a fascinating museum dedicated to life in Rural England.


Fans laugh, smile and nod to each other with a familiarity gained only from their mutual annual pilgrimage.



Weyfest is more like a mini-holiday than a music festival. It is a stress-free weekend in the country, with over 30 hours of the finest music from 4 stages, camping, posh loos, friendly staff and plenty to occupy the kids with music, drama and creative arts workshops; train rides and the many attractions offered by the venue itself - The Rural Life Centre, Tilford, set in the outstanding natural beauty of the Surrey Hills.


There is a fabulous selection of great food available from the in-house café and the plentiful food stalls; two wonderfully stocked bars at pub prices; Champagne and Cocktail bars; a fascinating museum and the friendliest staff and audience you will ever encounter at a festival.


The venue itself is a major reason for Weyfest's increasing popularity. The Rural Life Centre is a working museum, littered with artefacts of past country life and craft displays throughout the venue. A working light railway runs both steam and diesel trains around the perimeter of the venue and because the venue is so compact everything is within easy reach. No trudging for miles from the car park or campsite, no long walks between stages ... and no major journey to reach the excellent food and bars!




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Demographic, 90 % adults; mostly age 35+ A, B & C1; mostly from Surrey and surrounding Counties


Sponsor a stage


  • Rustic Stage 2m header banner - Quarter page advert in the programme.


  • Old Kiln Stage (Crowd capacity 500, rotating)

         2m header banner plus half page advert in the programme.


  • Village Green Stage (Crowd capacity 2,500, rotating)

         2x 2m banners on; mentions by MC; Half page ad in programme.


  • Beekeepers Stage (Crowd capacity 5,500, rotating)

        3x 2m banners; mentions by MC; Full page      ad in programme.


Sponsor all stages


Sponsor the Ticket Desk Footfall 13,500 over weekend


Feather banner (minimum 2M height) beside the Ticket desk plus a half page advert in programme.


Sponsor the Campsites (camping, car park & motorhome fields) Footfall 7,000+/Campers 3,000+


Entrance banners; Sponsor name on main campsite signs; Sponsor name on Security Leaflets (x3,000); Half page advert in the programme


Sponsor the Showers Footfall 2,500


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Sponsor Wristbands Capacity 13,500


Sponsor name on every wristband, including campsite and staff. Can be linked to social media and other promotions. Half page advert in the programme.


Sponsor T-shirts


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Sponsor an Attraction


Large horizontal banner at entrance;

Half page advert in the programme; MC mentions


  • The Racing Bug
  • Laser Quest
  • Rock & Pop Foundation
  • Fun Village (fairground attractions)
  • Sci-Fi Zone
  • KidZone


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