For each individual hook-up care must be taken not to run too many appliances at once to avoid exceeding the power rating (see notes below) and risk tripping the network.  Please remember your neighbours!


Please note:

(1) Weyfest Ltd is unable to offer any refunds in cases of misuse, such as exceeding the specified power rating, or if you have forgotten to bring a suitable lead as specified below.

(2) Please ensure the leads that you bring with you are in safe working order.  Our on-site electrician will inspect your leads upon or soon after your arrival and if deemed unsafe, your electrical supply will not be connected.

(3) Important Note: Whilst all power is available overnight, availability is not guaranteed and therefore it is not suitable for critical requirements such as life support.  Weyfest Ltd cannot accept any liability in the event of temporary power failure.

(4) All power will be available from 1pm Friday to approx. 10am Mon.

(5) The maximum power available to each individual hook-up is 5A or 1250 Watts. Exceeding this rating will be classed as misuse and may result in your being disconnected.


Disabled Camping Area

Hook-ups are provided for the purpose of charging electric mobility scooters and supplying power to tents and campervans to run small appliances such as lights, phone chargers.

Each pitch is supplied with a single 16/1 connector.  You must bring your own suitable 25m lead rated at 16 amp H07 2.5mm and terminated with a 16/1 C form connector.


Glamping Area

If you have purchased an electrical hook-up, your allocated glamping tent will already be hooked up to the supply prior to your arrival.  You will find a single 13A socket inside the tent.  You are advised to bring your own standard 4-way (maximum) 13A extension lead in order to connect multiple appliances.


Campervan/Caravan/Motorhome Site

Those pitches where hook-ups are available will be clearly marked.  Upon arrival you should present your hook-up pass to a Weyfest Steward who will guide you to one of those pitches and you will be shown the location of your connection, which will be a standard 16/1 C form connector.


Hook-ups are provided for standard use by any campervan, caravan or motorhome, irrespective of size of vehicle.  You must bring your own suitable 40m lead rated at 16 amp H07 2.5mm and terminated with a 16/1 C form connector.



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