The Music Workshops

The Music Workshops are found in the Sci-fi zone and Kids zone – organized by the Re-Play Music Work group who will bring the usual assortment of string instruments for you to try. There will be something for the beginner as well as the seasoned player, with plenty of advice, hints and tips to get you started or improve your technique.

Phychadelic Dip

We are Psychedelic Dip – A New UK Revolutionary type of Body Art to give You and Your Friends a night to remember.

We create psychedelic patterns that are transferred from the surface of water onto the skin. Usually applied to the hands and arms.

Our Patterns are visible both during the day and vibrant under UV black light.  An application lasts for approximately 10 – 12 hours depending on how much care is taken.

We are providing this service at festivals, brands and events to the general public and helping to create those extra special memories!

Please note, all of our products are water based, which do not harm the environment.

Warehouse Climbing Wall

Warehouse are largest Mobile Climbing Wall operator in UK, with over 20 years experience. Operated by professional, fully trained, DBS certified staff.

Sci-fi Zone

The Sci-Fi Zone will once again feature a variety of weird and wonderful characters from the world of Sci-Fi brought to Weyfest by Chris Osborne, members of the Charity Sci-Fi Group and members of the MK Garrison. You are welcome to pose with the characters for a photo but please throw a coin or two into the charity collection buckets.


Outdoor Laserquest has become a popular attraction at Weyfest. Located near the woods behind the Old Kiln Stage, you will find an array of inflatable buildings that form an amazing battle zone. Come and have a go – it’s totally safe and great fun!

The Wellbeing Area

The Weyfest Wellbeing Team are delighted to be sharing holistic therapy treatments in the Wellbeing Area again this year. Situated a short step away from the main stage, outside The Old Kiln Café and adjacent to the post war pre-fab house, we offer a perfect mini retreat space for those festival feet where you will find a haven of health and wellbeing therapies. Whether you are in need of something for mind, body or soul you can book your session in advance or just pop along to see if we have a slot available. You will find a treatment that’s just right for you, choosing from the following:

  • AromaTouch Technique
  • Celestial Colour Healing
  • Children’s Therapies
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom
  • Technique) and Emo Trance
  • Healing for Animals (yes, dogs are welcome too)
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki Healing

Available Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm, with treatments from our qualified and insured therapists.

The Widders Border Morris

The Widders are a Welsh Border Morris Team from the Chepstow area. Chepstow is a Border town on the estuary of The River Wye. Border Morris is a music and dance tradition originating from along the Welsh/English border region many years ago. Traditionally, farm workers, labourers and village folk would go out and dance to earn extra cash to supplement their wages. This was seen as begging which was illegal and was frowned on by their employers, the church and local dignitaries.

In order to save their embarrassment and to avoid possible arrest, the dancers began wearing ragged clothing and blacking their faces as a means of disguising themselves.


Weyfest has an adventurous natural Kids area bursting with fun : Imaginations required: come and create amazing festival top hats, dream catchers or masks. Have your face painted, hair braided, sign up for a felt workshop…. OR join our festival jamm band in the kids area and learn to play a song on the Ukulele, ‘Uke Can Do It’. Lots more kids fun once you’ve found our magical space…not forgetting all the way from Australia to delight audiences with their catchy songs and krazy puppet dance moves, the Krazy Koala Puppet Show!

Old Kiln Railway

The Old Kiln Light Railway is the museum’s railway which runs around the perimeter of the festival. You will cross its tracks when you first enter the site. Climb aboard the Weyfest Special and see a different view of the festival and museum, including the back stage area of the Village Green Stage. There is a small charge which goes towards the upkeep of the railway but it’s worth every penny!