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10.00 - 00.00

10.00 - 21.00

12.00 - 00.30

12.00 - 23.00

12.00 - 23.30

14.00 - 23.00

Close 19.00



10.00 - 00.00

10.00 - 21.00

10.00 - 00.30

11.00 - 23.00

10.00- 23.30

11.30 - 23.00




10.00 - 00.00

10.00- 21.00

10.00 - 00.00

11.00 - 22.30

10.00 - 23.00

11.15 - 22.30




Staff 7.00 - 08.00

Public 08.00 –19.00




Q. I have lost my tickets. Can you replace them?

A. If you have eTickets we can resend them to you (but check your spam folders first). Like any other box office or ticket agency we cannot replace lost paper tickets.


Q. Is it possible to get a refund on my ticket?

A. Sorry, we cannot refund unwanted tickets.


Q. Will tickets be available on the gate?

A. We do not reserve any tickets for sale on the gate so if they sell out before the weekend they will not be available on the gate. If tickets sell out we will announce it on the website so please check the home page before leaving home if you intend to buy tickets on the day.


Q. Do I need a ticket for my Under 10 year-old?

A. Under 10's are free. You can simply ask for Under 10 tickets on arrival but we prefer it if you add them to your basket when ordering your tickets so that we know how many will be coming  and can ensure that there will be adequate amusements for them in the Kidzone.


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Q. Where is it?

A. The Rural Life Centre, Reeds Road, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2DL.  Click here for Map / Directions


Q. Are there any parking facilities?

A. Yes there's loads of FREEEEEEEEEEE parking!


Q. Can I leave my car in the car park if I leave site?

A. Yes, as long as it is removed by midday on the Monday.


Q. Where is the nearest railway station?

A. The nearest station is Farnham railway station. It is approximately 3 to 3.5 miles away from the site.  There are plenty of taxis available in the taxi rank but sadly no buses that go to the Rural Life Centre.


Q.Is there a bicycle rack on site that I can store my bicycle in?

A. There is a bicycle rack adjacent to the on-site cafe within the festival arena. Please bring your own lock.




Q. Can I bring fireworks?

A. Sorry - fireworks are strictly prohibited.


Q. Can I bring my camera?

A. Professional camera equipment is not permitted. You can bring your 'professional' hand held camera but the use of tripods, lens cases and other professional equipment is not allowed without press accreditation. These are the rules of the artists and not Weyfest.


Q. Can I bring my own food, alcohol, bottles and glass to the festival?

A. To enable us to comply with the four licensing objectives alcohol cannot be brought into the festival arena but can be brought onto the camp site. We do, however, provide a very reasonably priced bar. Glass cannot be brought in to the festival for health & safety reasons but is allowed on the camp site. Please note that for safety reasons bags will be searched on entry to the arenas and entry will be refused if alcohol/glass/knives (or any potential weapons) are found in your bag. Small quantities of food are permitted in the arena


Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes, dogs are welcome except in the cafe and some eating areas but must be kept on a lead and away from the speaker stacks at all times.


Q. Can I bring fold-up chairs, wind breaks or gazebos?

A. Fold up chairs are permissible but after dark when the arenas are at their busiest, we request that they are removed. Wind shields or gazebos cannot be brought into the festival arena. Due to the nature of the site (being a museum surrounded by buildings) it is shielded from the wind and cannot accommodate gazebos.


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Q. What time can I arrive at/leave the camp  site?

A. The camp site is open from 10am each day and closes at midday on Monday. You are free to leave the campsite at any time during the weekend but if you wish to return, you must keep your wristband on.

Please do not arrive earlier than the opening time as you will be directed to the car park in order to keep the road clear. Once the site is open, preference will be given to traffic on the road and you may have to remain in the car park until the road is clear of traffic ie. by arriving early you will most likely enter the site later.


Q. Is a camping pass required for each camper?

A. Yes, a camping pass is required for each occupant of a tent, glamp, caravan or campervan.


Q. Is it OK if I want to camp for just one night?

A. Camping passes are valid for the whole weekend but you may camp for one or two nights if you wish.


Q. What campervan pitch size should I buy?

A. The following pitch sizes are available:



(vehicle size up to 5 metres long x 2.5 metres wide)



(vehicle size up to 6 metres long x 2.5 metres wide)



(Over 6 metres long OR 2.5 metres wide)

Please note that each occupant of a campervan or caravan will require a camping pass.


Q. Can I park my car next to my tent or caravan?

A. Unfortunately not. It is a health & safety requirement that cars must not be parked adjacent to tents, campervans or caravans. However, the car park area is very close to the camping area and you are permitted to drop off your camping equipment in the campsite before parking your car. Caravans must be unhitched and the car parked in the adjacent car park.


Q. Can I put a tent next to my friend's caravan/campervan?

A. Sorry, no. It's a health & safety thing.. However, there is a tent zone in the campervan field for those who wish to camp near to their friends that are in campervans. On arrival, simply follow signs for the morohome/campervan site.


Q. Can I place an awning at the side of my caravan/campervan?

A. Campervan and caravan pitches are 6 metres wide and allow for a campervan/caravans up to 3m in width to be sited in the centre of that space. This is to ensure that everyone is comfortably sited and have 3m of space between each neighbour. If your awning takes your overall accommodation width much over 3m, and to be fair to all campsite occupants, then you should buy a second pass unless you are sited next to friends and they are happy for you to encroach on that space with your awning.


Q. Is a trailer-tent classed as a tent?

A. Yes, as long as there is no engine it is classed as a tent. You may tow it to your pitch and then must move the car to the car park.


Q. Can I sleep in my van / car?

A. No. Camping is restricted to designated camping areas and vehicles other than caravans, campervans or vehicles permanently converted for the specific purpose of accommodation are not permitted to stay on the campsite. Sleeping in the car park is not permitted.


Q. Are there any restrictions on tent size?

A. Please don't bring a 6 man tent if you are camping alone - bring friends instead!


Q. Are there toilet facilities (including disabled facilities), showers and water supplies on the camp site?

A. There are fresh water standpipes at regular distances  around the campsite and water butts for fire fighting. The main campsite toilets are posh! - and there are a few single toilets for convenience.

Showers are provided - tokens can be purchased from the ticket desk or in advance from the Tickets page. Showers are not available on Monday.


Q. Can I bring a generator?

A. Small diesel generators are permitted but must be switched off at night. Petrol generators are not permitted.


Q. Can I have a barbeque or fire at the camp site?

A. BBQ's are allowed but must be off the ground. Flat throwaway BBQ's or any type of open fire are not allowed.


Q. Are there any electrical hook-ups on the campsite?

A. There are a limited amount of electrical hook-ups available for purchase in advance (only) from the Tickets page.

Hook-ups are ONLY available for the Glamping area, motorhome/campervan site and disabled camping area and are available until approx 10 am Monday.

Please read more information here.


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Q. Are there any concessions for the disabled?

A. We assume that, whereas the disabled person wants to come to Weyfest, the carer may not and so the disabled person must purchase a normal ticket (+ campsite pass if camping) and, on production of proof of disability at the box office on arrival, the carer will be entitled to purchase a carer ticket at half of the gate price. This is limited to one carer for disabled persons over the age of 16 for festival entry only and does not include camping or campervan passes. Where it is imperative that a second carer is necessary to accompany the disabled person, documentation to that effect must be presented to the Box Office staff on arrival. All discount carer passes are sold at the discretion of the Box Office staff following receipt of an acceptable form of proof of disability.


Acceptable forms of proof of disability are:


Eligibility for Middle or Higher rate DLA (for care or mobility) or

Receipt of enhanced rate PIP.

Disabled parking badges, disabled railcards or any concessions other than those listed above are not valid.


Q. Are there any disabled parking and disabled camping facilities?

A. For those that are not camping there is a disabled parking area adjacent to the festival entrance. On arrival please let the stewards know that you are disabled and they will direct you to the parking area. If you are camping, there is a separate disabled parking and camping area adjacent to the exit of the campsite. There are also disabled toilets in this area.


Q. How accessible is the site for the disabled?

A. Almost all the site has good disabled access including the arboretum. Disabled toilet facilities are available for the festival and disabled campers will be situated close to disabled toilets on the campsite.


Q. Is there a separate viewing area for the disabled?

A. There are raised viewing areas for the disabled at the main stage locations.


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Q. I've had a bad experience at other festivals with insufficient or unclean toilets. Are your facilities any better?

A. Oh yes.. We have plenty of toilets that are cleaned and serviced constantly throughout the weekend and topped up with soft toilet paper.. The majority of these toilets are posh!


Q. Is there a cash machine on site so I can withdraw cash?

A. Sadly not - we've tried this but the provider charged the customer too much per transaction and so it was hardly used. The General Store and some other traders offer cashback however.


Q. Are children welcome?

A. Yes, of course! There's a reconstructed village playground, a sci-fi zone and plenty of activities for kids too. It's great for the whole family! Children under 10 are admitted FREE. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult.


Q. Will the steam and diesel trains be running over the weekend?

A. Yes they will! Please note that the railway is run by the Old Kiln Museum and there is a small charge to help maintain it.




Q. Do any of the proceeds of ticket sales get donated to charity?

A.  The Rural Life Centre is administered by the Old Kiln Museum Trust, a registered charity (no. 289150).  A share of all profits will be donated to the Rural Life Centre.


Q. I would like to advertise in the Program. Who do I contact?

A. Please email


Q. Do I need to bring ID?

A. Not if you are over 21. If you are under 21 please read the Challenge 21 rules below:


Weyfest will be operating the Challenge 21 initiative which aims to cut down on underage alcohol sales and highlights the fact that:


“if you are lucky enough to look under 21 you will be asked to prove that you are over 18 when you buy alcohol”.


Acceptable forms of proof are: photocard driving licence, passport or PASS* accredited proof of age card.


The 'Challenge 21' initiative encourages sellers of alcohol to ask for official forms of identification from anyone that appears to be under 21-years-old.  If a trader suspects someone is under that age and doesn't have the relevant identification, eg passport, photo driving licence, citizencard, they will not be served.  Stewards on site also have the power to request proof of age if they see anyone drinking alcohol who appears to be under age.


The scheme is being promoted because it can be very difficult to identify accurately whether someone is 17, 18, 19 or 20 but is usually easier to determine whether someone is 21. However if young people have official identification to prove they are over the age of 18 they will of course be served legally.


Q: Is smoking permitted at Weyfest?

A: As the venue is an outdoor museum, with lots of valuable wooden artefacts to protect, smoking  and vaping is restricted to a designated outdoor area where tables, chairs and refreshments are available for your comfort. Smoking is also permitted in the main Beekeeper's Stage arena.


Q. I can't find the answer to my query. Who do I contact?

A. Please send your query to


Q. I want to complain about the noise from Weyfest. Who do I contact?

A. Please contact Waverley Borough Council 01483 523333



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